Blimey @ The Inithium Event, Birthday Round

Original Blimey Mesh

Blimey – Wiley

Wiley is a 3 piece set comprising a Faux Collar Blouse with sleeves, Mini Skirt with panties & Chunky Platform heels with Thigh High legwarmers. Boots & Sleeves include Maze Soft compatible versions for Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya & Reborn, and Camel Toy panties option for Kupra. All pieces are separate attachments.

All three pieces are available as separate body packs with 10 Texture Fat Pack HUDs. They also come as a Mega Pack with all sizes plus a 20 texture HUD for dress & 40 texture HUD for the boots.

* Kupra Original, Low & Bimbo
* Kups A, B & Flat
* Maitreya Lara +Petite +Flat
* Legacy +Perky + Petite
* Slink Phys Petite
* Slink Hourglass +Petite
* Gen.X Curvy
* Gen.X Classic
* Reborn

The Inithium Event runs every month from 13th-30th

Items will be available in the main store and via the Marketplace when the event closes.

Thank You