Group Discounts

Why are there 2 prices when go to buy something?

When you right click on a vendor and select buy/pay you may see two different prices displayed for you. The price on the left (the higher price) is the full price of the item. The lower price on the right is the price with Group Discount already applied.

Providing you are wearing the correct tag for the vendor you can choose to pay either one of these prices. If you pay the lower price you will be paying the discounted price. If you pay the higher price you will then receive a refund for the difference according to the discount for the group.

Why does my money keep getting refunded?

There are two common causes for this, either A: you already own the product, or B: you are wearing the wrong tag for the price you are trying to pay. Both of these circumstances will send you a message in nearby chat explaining why and what has happened.

How do I know what tag to wear?

The only group required for you to receive discounts is – Blimey –

There is a fee of 200L$ to join this group. Refunds will not be given for joining or leaving the group by accident as to do either action requires a confirmation from you so always be sure to read any pop ups that appear on your screen.

Are there other benefits to joining the group?

As well as receiving a discount on regular purchases, group members can also build Store Credit as well as well as having exclusive access to items in the Group Members section of the store, and being able to access the Lucky Dip for a free gift every 3 weeks.


Not all vendors will be subject to group discounts. In certain circumstances some items may be set to a special price instead of having a discount option.