About Me

You can find me in Second Life under the name of HunniHope Resident, though most people just call me Hope. If you happen to be passing do, by all means, drop me an IM, send a friend request, or just perve my profile, i really don’t mind and I promise I don’t bite (usually).

I’ve been around Second Life since 2012, not just with clothing, I did get myself caught up in the breedables market too with Amaretto Horses & KittyCats, I even dabbled in Lemurs and wild cats for a time. It’s a nice little past-time but it can be quite an all consuming hobby once you got the bug and been drawn into the addiction.

When I’m creating outfits I try to be varied, try to cater for multiple tastes and styles. From the girl-next-door to the vixen vamp, my own style is a little softer pastel rainbows and I’m not often found to be flaunting everythign in super skimpy items. I created my first outfits back in 2010 over in Utherverse, I can look back now and almost feel ashamed of what i produced all those years ago. I say “almost” because I’m not totally ashamed of what I made back then. I’d had a few years Photoshop experience at that point but it had been much more commerical with graphics & logos etc. I had no idea how to add a crease or fold by hand in the beginning, there was very little in the way of tutorials to follow on the likes of Youtube, and deisgner friends of mine were so paranoid that they would look at you as if you just landed from Mars if you even asked for a hint or tip. So I started off on my own feet and learnt as I went along. I’m not a professional, I never studied art or graphic design at college. I started because i wanted to try something new to me, to challenge myself, and then found that I actually enjoyed it. I still enjoy it now, and I’m still learning.

Whether designing, creating or breeding, if you work with the tools available to you then you are only limited by your imagination. So get into Second Life, explore & have fun, and I hope to see you there oneday!